Question by  hthrweschler (30)

What is a down block in football?

I am trying to understand blocking in football but am having a hard time finding accurate descriptions of the different types of tackles.


Answer by  Matt09 (25)

A down block refers to a player on the offense blocking a defender. A down block would be blocking a player towards the center. If you were playing right tackle for instance, you would block a defender that is to your left further to your left. The opposite would be true for a player on the left side.


Answer by  daddy31 (304)

Football is filled with tons of different vocabulary and terms. A down block occurs when an offensive lineman blocks a defensive lineman or linebacker down into the center of the field in the direction of the center. This block is very common on off-tackle runs, power runs, and traps. Look at film in order to gain a better understanding.


Answer by  tkarp82 (26)

Blocking down would be if the running back was running between the center and left guard, the center, right guard, and right tackle would block defenders to their right.


Answer by  worker3126 (65)

A down block in football, is the tecnique used by offensive lineman to make a running lane for a running back. By pushing a defensive player "Down hill" way from a certain point, this will create room for the running back. Downhill is ussually toward the sidelines from the center.


Answer by  Podnik (119)

Blocking down means that the offensive lineman will block down to his left or right to the next available person depending on what side of him that the play is being run.

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