Question by  dherrera (21)

What is the most passing yards made in one game of college football?

I need college football stats please, who made it, and what team was he playing for?


Answer by  Eric6566 (115)

716 yards, by David Klingler - University of Houston. It happened on December 2, 1990, in a game against Arizona State. In a game earlier that year, Klingler passed for 11 touchdowns against Eastern Washington University. Klingler was drafted by Cincinnati in 1992. He played in the NFL as a starter and back-up until 1998.


Answer by  JB28 (285)

For Division I football, the record is held by David Klingler of the University of Houston. In December of 1990, Klinger passed for 716 yards in a single game against Arizona State University. Matt Vogler of TCU passed for the second most yards, 690, against Houston in November of 1990.


Answer by  ralphie (7)

The NCAA record is 716 passing yards in a game by David Klingler of the Houston University Cougars on Dec. 2, 1990.


Answer by  Larry (104)

David Klingler of the University of Houston Cougars threw for 716 yards against Arizona State on December 2, 1990. The Cougars won the game 62 to 45 in a game that was not too unusual for the Run & Shoot teams of the early 1990's.

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