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Who has the most wins in college football?

Someone was telling me the USC was the winningest team in college football, but I don't think it's true.


Answer by  Toddthe (63)

If it's not Notre Dame it should be! Seriously, Michigan has the most wins with 872. Yale has 854. Texas has 832. Notre Dame has 831 and Nebraska has 817. Filling out the top ten are Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, Harvard and Penn. These are the most wins, but by win-loss percentage the list would be different.


Answer by  eamuscatuli (80)

Assuming you are defining the winningest team by the total number of wins (and not another metric), then that program would be the University of Michigan. Through the 2008 season (a total of 129 years) the Wolverine's record stands at 872-295-36. As for USC, they currently have 766 wins.


Answer by  pickyouoff24 (28)

USC is number 10 in winningest football teams with 765 wins. The all time winningest team is the Michigan Wolverines with 872 wins.


Answer by  Anonymous

It depends on whether you are asking by win-wise, or win percentage-wise. Wolverines would be #1 in either case, but Notre Dame would be #2 win percentage-wise.


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The Michigan Wolverines definitally have the most wins!!! nobody can beat them!! just because they had one bad year dont matter!! u better watch out its domination time just like the good ole days!!! GO BLUE BABY!!!!


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Idk! but Utah is good and I like yale,michigan. usc,and notre dame

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Say micigan. Just to make it true  add a comment
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