Question by  lavonne10 (15)

What exercise's will help with sculpting muscles with repeated reps?

I need new exercises that will help me with obtaining definition in my muscles.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

For starters, you shouldn't use an apostrophe to pluralize "exercises". Next, push-ups are a great way to build muscle. Leg presses and sit-ups will also get you some good results.


Answer by  Hairann (115)

Push ups, where you pause in the up position for about a minute. Alternate being doing jumping jacks and jogging in place. The Warriors pose, aka static lunge. Dips, place your arms behind you on a chair, push your body up, like a backwards push up, and then lower yourself.


Answer by  Ganesan (53)

We can sculpt the muscles by doing yoga and stretching exercises. rest your body in the floor and try to touch your legs in the head,don't take head to expand,it will sculpt the muscles in stomatch and burns the fat also.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

The act of constricting the muscle itself is what causes muscles to grow. If you're not getting results anymore, go with harder exercises.

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