Question by  jrauch (11)

How many reps should I start out with on an Ab roller exercise?

I have a new ab roller and do not want to over do it the first week, what is the suggested start up reps?


Answer by  pseudopsychologist (257)

Depending on how fit you already are at present, I would suggest doing two to three sets of 10 crunches each. Do not forget to warm-up (cardio) before exercising.


Answer by  xparadigmshiftx (114)

Your abdominals cannot really be overworked, since it is your core muscle and your body utilizes it almost every day. For results in strength and muscle, I recommend doing as many reps as you can until it burns, then do ten more. Do 5 sets of that every 2 days and you will see results.


Answer by  Joe3737 (89)

Unlike most other skeletal muscles , the abdominals can be worked to failure almost everyday so just use the roller to failure for a few sets and you'll see after days and weeks that your failure number continues to increase.


Answer by  MichaelLivesOn (38)

For most body-weight strength exercises, like the Ab roller, you should perform as many reps as it takes to reach exhaustion. Exhaustion is the point when you're physically unable to do another rep, so starting slower than that just means stopping before you're exhausted.


Answer by  mightyspidey (1080)

Increase your use by 5-10 reps a day. After your first day, your body WILL hurt, so you don't want to do TOO much in the first week. Start out by doing 15 reps your first day, and then 20-25 your second day, pending on how your body feels.


Answer by  asianal (397)

As with any type of machine or workout equipment, you should start out very slow. I would recommend starting out on the first day with stretching, followed by doing 3 sets of 6, and see how you feel the next morning. From there you can build your endurance up.


Answer by  moonzi (286)

If you are a beginner with working out your abs, try doing 5 sets of 20 reps. You can increase the sets and reps at your own pace, depending on your progress. It would be good to try and increase the reps by 5 each time you do the workout and to increase the sets by 1 every week.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

As many as you feel comfortable, but on average, I would say a good number would be between 40-60 to get started.


Answer by  Chris41 (152)

Starting out, It is usually recommended to begin your ab exercises in 3 reps of 25. You can slowly add more reps as time goes on, but don't spend too much time on the 3 reps of 25.


Answer by  Anonymous

do as many as you can

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