Question by  arinj (20)

What exercises will help slim down fat hips?

I'm a good weight, but my hips are too big.


Answer by  RobbieB (12)

It is a common myth that one can "spot train" an area and attack it with many repetitions of different exercises. The best approach to slimming down is a low fat diet, and physical activity. Also work on body symmetry so that body proportions become more balanced. If the lower body is the problem, develop the upper body more.


Answer by  DogLover6843 (47)

Do dead lifts. You cannot make your hips narrower than your bone structure, but this exercise will help balance your shape and lift sagging fat on hips.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The best way to slim down fat hips is to work off the excess flab by stair climbing. The advantage with this is that you can do it on a machine at the health club or do it anywhere for free. Climbing stairs will strenghthen your leg muscles and work off excess pounds in your hips.


Answer by  HEAJG (500)

Well you need to cut down your diet. Then you need to start doing some serious P-90X. That will help you slim down your hips and gain muscle in the right spot.

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