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Question by  arusha (8)

What dog is the easiest to train?

I would like to get a good easily trained dog for my family.


Answer by  boxers3 (550)

The most intelligent dog breed is the border collie but they tend to herd children. Boxers and labs are both good with kids and easier to train.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Many dog breeds are easily trained, you have to pick a breed with characteristics that will work for your family. German shepherds are easily trained, as a lot of dogs in the working breed. If you would like a smaller dog, a border collie is a beautiful and easy to train dog.


Answer by  jmeff (13)

I believe Labradors are the best dogs to train. They are loyal and always wanting to please. They are great around kids and other dogs. I have owned several labs in my life, and everyone of them, plus all my friends labs, have been super friendly, and highly trained


Answer by  salina (943)

The 10 top easiest dogs to train are : Border collie; Labrador;papilion; beauceron;pyrenean shepard;australian shepard;doberman;belgian shepard;toy poodle and australian cattle dog. These are ease to train but they may not be the most compatible dogs with certain lifestyles. The family dogs in this list would be the labrador, border collie and papillion. Good luck.

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