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Question by  freezing (16)

How do you potty train a Shih Tzu?

Are they easier or harder than another dog breed?


Answer by  mpartin (1600)

No, you just have to be consistent with any dog. So that they know what they are suppose to do and where. Use the puppy training pads and let the dog use them for a pee pad and he will keep going back to that spot so always keep one down in the same spot.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

They are very easy if you stick with it what makes a dog hard to potty train is the owner not being consistant in the training.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

The bladder is slow to develop in all toy breeds, including the shih tzu, making them notoriously difficult to house train. Plan on crate training for a solid 4-6 months and be prepared for lots of accidents. You can find good books on crate training at your local library.


Answer by  Alex6668 (30)

If you want to potty train a Shih Tzu, you have to show him what to do. Don't give him the bad example or he will do the same... Shih Tzu are kinda the same as kids, they need a lot of attention and affection!

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