Question by  parrotman1 (20)

How do you train your dog using housetraining bells?

I'd like to try training my dogs this way.


Answer by  Jakey98 (222)

Whenever the dog starts trying to urinate inside, ring the bell as loud as you can and as close to the dog as you can. The dog will be scared and stop urinating, and you can take the dog outside so he can pee out there. This method is not really very effective.


Answer by  vtlms02 (48)

If you're talking about housebreaking using bells then place a bell at the door you normally take your dog out, close enough to the floor that the dog can reach it. Before you take the dog out have him paw the bell and reward him with goin outside.


Answer by  MsLizziebug (833)

Hang the training bells near or on the door used to go 'outside'. When the dog touches the bells give him a treat and take him outside, even if he doesn't need to 'go'. Through repetition the dog will soon learn that when he rings the bell he will be rewarded with a treat and a trip outside.


Answer by  Yaklord (34)

Every dog is different, and responds to different training techniques. Figure out which of these your dog responds to, and try to pair the bell with positive stimuli for the dog so it will associate the bell with obedience commands. Try giving a command, ring the bell, then reward with a treat. Eventually, remove the treat from the equation.

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