Question by  matthew76 (6)

What does it mean if you say that something is "being made redundant?"

I'm hearing that a lot at work.


Answer by  pmseff (70)

if it's you, it means that you have lost your job because your boss has decided to reduce the workforce. This can happen because the business has gone broke or, it moved to a different place, or your job disappeared. Redundancy can be genuine or unfair. Redundant person can qualify for redudancy pay.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

It's another way of saying being laid off. The phrase is used more in the UK, but it's gaining popularity in the States. Make sure you're doing all you can in regards to your job so you don't wind up being laid off. If you are laid off, you'll be able to collect unemployment until you find another job.

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