Question by  alvinlee (1)

How much is my guitar worth, it was made in Korea and is blue green in color, says tornado on the headstock with a silver swirl?

Korean made. blue green in color. says tornado on the headstock along with a silver swirl. hollowbody cutaway with a transducer under the bridge. no other pickups. less than 10 years old. gold tuning knobs. gold archtop type non-bigsby bridge with curly wire design...


Answer by  Dan21 (81)

I've never heard of a "Tornado" before. It depends a lot on how good it sounds, as opposed to what it looks like. I wouldn't expect it to be worth more than a couple hunderd dollars at the most. If it sounds good to you, then you're probably better off keeping it.


Answer by  surfsupdude (25)

the fender toronado is a fender brand guitar that was modeled after the jazzmaster/jaguar shaped body. they come with humbucking pick ups and they stopped producing them in 2007 I would say that this particular color makes the guitar particularly desirable. especially among surf and kurt cobain fans. this guitar is worth about 250$-350$


Answer by  TheFixer (27)

The only hollow body that was called Tornado was by Ovation in the 1960s. Not sure what pickups it had, but they had the name on the pickguard. Regardless, unless there is good demand for it still, don't expect more than a couple hundred bucks for it.


Answer by  dotfret (282)

The name "tornado" has been applied to many guitars. If it has a serial number it may be possible to say who made it, eg. Samick. If it sounds good and plays well, probably about $250, possibly a lot more. Without being able to play it, hard to say more.

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