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Question by  flyingfish1981yahoocom (11)

What do you do for bruised or broken ribs?


Answer by  scigirl (129)

Bruised and broken ribs are extremely painful, and unfortunately, there is little than can be done for them. Pain medication can be prescribed to help you deal with the pain.


Answer by  cupcake21 (78)

The only things you can do for bruised or broken ribs is wrap the area with a elastic bandage and ice the affected area and limit use of.


Answer by  wantnot (305)

Bruised or broken ribs take time to heal, and usually medical intervention is unnecessary. Rest and avoid strenuous exercise or lifting while your ribs heal.


Answer by  brain (24)

If there bruised then there isn much to do but don't streatch to much and put ice on it. If there broken take an ace bandage and wrap it around the rib, tight enough to get two fingers undr it. Always but ice or a cold pack on it.

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