Question by  worker7794 (53)

Could a fracture in my ribs from 20 years ago be causing me pain now?

I have started to hurt in the area of my ribs and would like to know if it could be from my old rib injury?


Answer by  Cara (72)

An old fracture may continue to cause pain. Arthritic and degenerative changes are more likely to develop at the site of an old fracture leading to increased pain and inflammation.


Answer by  chris70 (301)

Yes any fracture that has occured in your life could cause you problems as you age. Arthritis is the most concern with fractures especially if they didnt heal properly after the fracture.


Answer by  Rajiv (51)

A fracture in the ribs from 20 years ago may causer pains when any movement or motions like the deep breathing, coughing and any movements happen or occur.


Answer by  arkadeb313 (67)

It can. I myself is suffering from such a pain. I got a fracture on my left ankle while riding a bike. Till today it pains sometimes and the doctor said that the pain will be more during cold.

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