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Question by  SurR (103)

Can a chiropractor help with pain in the ribs?

I was in an auto accident over the weekend and bruised my ribs.


Answer by  kf4vkp (295)

Bruised ribs will just have to heal, and the only thing that can really help is time and motrin. A chiropractor can only help back bones that are out of alignment, any bruised bone would just require time to heal. Resting might also help you not hurt as bad but won't cause it to go away sooner.

posted by Anonymous
True, bruised ribs must heal. But a Chiropractor's can adjust any bone in the body whether the Axial skeleton or Appendicular skeleton to include ribs. Any bone in your body can become misaligned at any given time no matter what the Mechanism of Injury (MOI).  add a comment

Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

They could, but I would recommend going to a regular MD first to get a better idea of your injuries. Physical Therapy might be a better option depending on what the injury turns out to be. You will also want to take an anti-inflammatory (like Advil) to help your body heal faster.


Answer by  KarenH (212)

Not really a good idea. If you hadn't applied any ice just after the accident, now you can only wait until it heals itself. Make sure you haven't broken any of the ribs.


Answer by  sadasada (146)

A chiropractor would most likely be of little use if your ribs are merely bruised. Give them time and they'll heal; in the mean time try to take it easy and use pain relievers as necessary to deal with the discomfort.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Chiropractors work with massage and physical touch. They can provide soothing touch though there is considerable disagreement over how effective they are as healers. Bruises, too, will heal over time and not much will help healing go faster. What I get from my chiropractor is reminders on how to go easy on injuries, including how to bind ribs.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

I chiro isnt going to be able to help u wiht pain in your ribs. They are going to help with adjusting bones or fixing the body.not muscle injury.


Answer by  RebeccaJane (13)

Chiropractors help out with alot more than just back pain! They could deffinitely help out with the ribs but I would probably get some xrays first.

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