Question by  selfishjean (40)

What are the symptoms of a broken rib?

My back is sore in this one spot, and depending on how I am lying down, it hurts to breathe.


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

Broken ribs can cause severe pain in the back and chest area. It can also cause extreme pain when trying to breathe. Broken ribs normally are only serious if a lung is punctured.


Answer by  DrMom (854)

If you have been injured and you have shortness of breath and pain in the rib cage that worsens when you push on it, you may have a broken rib.


Answer by  gummie (738)

There is pain associated with a broken rib, as well as difficulty breathing. If you have had a hard hit in the area that is sore it possibly is a broken rib. See a doctor right away because you could have a collapsed lung from the punctured rib.


Answer by  Amruthavalli (17)

1) Feel anxious, restless, or scared. 2) The rib will be swelled and gets pain around the Fracture and difficult to move. 3) A Fractured rib will infect the muscles of the chest. 4) It May cause pain when breathing, especially when you cough or take a deep breath.

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