Question by  tamilarasan (8)

What do you call upper part of the cheek face piercings?


Answer by  and1lpfan (356)

The piercing in the upper part of your cheek is called an anti eyebrow piercing. It is a type of surface piercing and it is located beneath your eye and close to your cheek bone.


Answer by  sanderson (39)

The piercing is called anti-eyebrow piercing. It's a type of surface piercing that sits in your skin instead of actually piercing through something.


Answer by  SaraB (43)

An off-center piercing on the upper lip (looks like its located on the cheek but its not) is called a Monroe. Its named after Marilyn Monroe's beauty mark. It ca also be called a Madonna or Crawford for the same reason. Incidentally, this piercing is the fastest healing, requiring only 3-6 weeks if properly cared for.

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