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Question by  f (72)

Should I be concerned about a glack spot on the inside of my cheek?

While washing my face this morning I noticed a black spot on the inside of my cheek and have no idea what it is.


Answer by  Catydid (146)

If this is a new spot there may possibly be a cause for concern. Whenever there is something black on the inside of the mouth it is advisable to see a dermatologist to rule out any type of cancer. If you are a smoker or exposed to second hand smoke, this is a cause for concern.


Answer by  ujwalraimjoshi (729)

Wait for a day. Black spot may be becaused of cut inside while chewing also or by some alergy. If it remains, please see phycision.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

Yes, this is cause for concern as it could be blood or even dead tissue; you need to get it checked out by your dentist or other health professional, GP.

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