Question by  rdd21 (1)

What would cause an otherwise healthy person to have face, hands, and feet turn blue?

Our daughter is a healthy ballerina of 14 but her hands, sometimes parts of her face, and sometimes her feet turn blue. She gets a headache and upper abdominal pain usually corresponds. Her doctors are clueless.


Answer by  munmun (28)

Blueness of face, hands and feet is called cyanosis. It may be due to presence of any congenital heart disease or some peripheral vascular problems.


Answer by  Emmi (5)

Has your daughter been eating properly? Is she cold? Have you considered monitoring her diet or asking her to wear heavier clothing? A headache could be caused by a lack of sustenance. Check to see if she is on a calorie restrictive diet.


Answer by  nursepractitionerlisa (793)

She might have Raynaud's disease because of the hands and feet turing blue, but the abdonminal pain does not fit. Has her heartbeat been assessed - something called SVT - although the abdominal pain does not fit. Is she malnourished with an eating disorder?


Answer by  doll (119)

This is typically caused by lack of blood flow, i.e. clogged arteries. Cholestrol clogs arteries, and the only dietary source of cholestrol on the planet is animal foods. Replacing meat and dairy foods with plant foods, i.e. vegetables and fruits, will typically clear the arteries of cholestrol, causing more blood flow and eliminating body parts turning blue.

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