Question by  aggiegal (41)

What could it be if I have a black spot under my toenail?


Answer by  reddeb96701 (494)

The black spot could be blood from dropping someting on your toe or it could be fungus that grows under toenail. See a doctor if it does not clear up soon.


Answer by  Teacherspet (111)

Usually, a black spot under the toenail is indicative of an injury to the nail bed. This can be either a recent injury that has bruised the nail bed, or an old injury to the part of the nail bed that lies unseen under the skin and has grown out.


Answer by  lilian (397)

It could be several things. You could have a bacterial infection, fungal infection, skin disorder or an injury. If an external object causes enough pressure to break the surface capillaries, a blood clot can form under the nail and should fade as the days pass. If it's fungal, the nail may be thick, brittle and will require prescription antifungals.


Answer by  Bob4260 (88)

If it's between the quick and the tip of the finger, it could be just dirt. If it's between the quick and and the cuticle, it could be a bruise.


Answer by  withsmluck (793)

If there is a black spot under a toenail most likely it is caused by a hit to nail, and there is just dried blood under the nail.

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