Question by  Brit (19)

What could be causing black spots that fade to green on a rear projection Sony TV?

My Sony TV has black spots that are turning to green.


Answer by  Pickles (49)

If there are speakers or anything with magnets in them next to the TV, it could cause this to happen.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

If your color tv is currently changing colors you may have a fuse that has blown, or a wire that is loose. I would reccomend just to buy a new tv.


Answer by  Tina1rules (62)

Your bulbs need to replaced after 8,000 viewing which is equivalent to 333 days, if your television is more than 18 months old the bulbs will need replacing. Green spots are often caused by stereo speakers or anything magnetic that is near your television. Never put speakers along side your televisions no matter how great it looks.


Answer by  Ming (36)

I have a rear projection Sony TV and had the same problem when I moved my stereo speakers close to the TV. There are magnets inside stereo speakers that will wreak havoc with your picture. If speakers aren't the problem check for another source that may be emitting magnetic waves.


Answer by  jimmygumb (93)

On one hand, the television might have come into contact with some sort of magnetic interference, but it may also be an issue with bad pixels that need repair.


Answer by  fray (61)

Rear projection tv work by sending light from the back of the tv through a panel of liquid. Over time, this liquid degrades and causes changes in the picture quality.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

If one finds black spots that fade to green on a rear projection Sony TV which is a good company approach the dealer and get it done with warrant.


Answer by  sam143 (4)

1 st your cable is plug in properly 2 nd your Audio Video mode is working properly or not 3 rd call your nearest authorised service engineer if thare is some techical problam there is luse contact on your tv's main board, & problam in crt base circuit board or sometime power supply is not correct working


Answer by  JohnAndrew (199)

It may be because of a faulty wire within the TV. Have it checked with your dealer to determine if it is faulty or not.


Answer by  dwbarron10 (30)

If the Sony TV is a LCD type rear projection the cause of your black spots fading to green would be from the individual pixels dieing inside your TV, there is no way to fix this problem. If the Sony TV is a DLP screen then the color wheel inside is bad not sure if it is fixable.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

Have there been any magnets around your tv? Regular screens can get really screwed up if you put a magnet to them. See if there is an option to "degause".

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