Question by  harveymandahay (6)

What could be the cause of black spots on skin?

I have black spots on my skin.


Answer by  adavis730 (68)

It depends on the size and the texture of the black spots. Some moles are black and can also become cancerous if they are not removed. Some black spots are the scars from ruptured acne pimples or the result of squeezing blackheads. The black spots could also be age, liver, or sun spots.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Sometimes excessive sun exposure can make black spots appear on skin or it can be the result of your skin naturally aging.


Answer by  chipsnthedip (23)

Black spots on skin could be anything. Some black spots on skin are moles. It can even be some form of skin cancer. A black mark on skin could even be birth marks. It could be dirt or maybe a mark from a black pen or marker. It could be anything


Answer by  Eddie87 (129)

This may be caused by sun exposure in the most extreme cases. This also may be an internal organ problem that is causing black spots on the skin. Look at where the spots are back of the hands or elsewhere?


Answer by  sonaliraghunathan85 (154)

The black spots could actually be black heads in which case they're not spots an can be removed by beauty treatment. Or it could be a blood related problem.


Answer by  KiloBravo (5)

Black spots could be cause by a build up of oils in your pores. The spots could also be caused by sun exposure.


Answer by  Mallory (155)

If they are on your face, they are probably comedones, more commonly known as blackheads. Some people are more prone to getting these, and they are usually caused by hormones. Proper skin cleansing, use of a topical treatment that contains salicylic acid, and regular facials can help reduce the appearance of blackheads.

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