Question by  Esther9166 (34)

What are the black spots on my grass?

There are a lot of black spots.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Could be anything from mold to diseased grass to some kind of contamination of the soil. Might be an idea to take samples to someone who specializes in that kind of thing if you are terribly concerned about it. If you're just curious and it isn't hurting any of the local animals and such then leave it alone.


Answer by  trixiejack (302)

A variety of things cause black spots on a lawn. Most causes are generally a type of fungi. Sooty mold, caused by aphids, could produce this. "Earthstar" mushrooms release black spores. IT could also be slime mold, typhula blight, stripe smut or necrotic ring spot. In most cases, the fungi is harmless to humans/pets, and can be treated with fungicide.

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