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Question by  seb (220)

What could be causing small red bumps around my nose?

I have developed small red bumps around my nose and have no idea what is causing them.


Answer by  Abbie (282)

It is most likely caused by overproductive sweat glands which tend to act up in the summer months. Try dabbing hydroygen peroxide on them before bedtime.


Answer by  Danellia (134)

If your bumps are accompanied by peeling skin it could be a superficial fungal infection. A dab of nystatin lotion twice a day for two weeks would fix it.


Answer by  racool (57)

You may be allergic to something growing near your house of workplace and you may have been accidentally or unintentinally touching that and immediately touching your nose.


Answer by  Turks (319)

These red bumps could be possibly due to excess of oil secretion on your nose. You could have a "T" zone that is oily. "T" zone is the forhead an nose area, when they are affected with excess of oil they tend to get red bumps. Try washing your "T" zone with a mils soap 5-7 times a day.

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