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Question by  ABracken (16)

What can I do about moderately dysplastic skin?


Answer by  ClaudiaD (136)

Is there a mole involved in the skin area? You need to keep your eye out for signs like bleeding or encrastation. Any changes in your skin should send you straight to your doctor so you can have some tests done to determine if your condition is worsening.


Answer by  FrankieRoma (84)

Moderate Dysplastic Skin is not necessarily as bad as it sounds. Experts state that the patient should be examined annually for any changes to the skin. Take precautions to protect your skin from the sun by using a good SPF moisturizer. Avoid sunbathing and prolonged exposure to heat and sun.

Reply by RoyalT (116):
Mom had to have hers examined every six months because at the moderate level there is risk for malignant melanoma. After about 3 years she had to have some skin removed (on the face no less) but now she's gotten a clean bill of health. Diet is important too!  add a comment
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