Question by  HumaArsalan (21)

What causes the error message "Microsoft Internet Explorer is not responding"?

When I attempt to load certain web pages, I get this error message. How do I stop it, and what is causing the problem?


Answer by  Ganesan (53)

when you try to open many windows at a time, it will slow down the respond time and also when more number users try to access the same page.


Answer by  tuttumon (21)

Some times this error message is caused by connection problems. The internet connection is some times stuck due to the over traffic and server down problems. The website you are looking for may contain many items to load. This may be another reason for this error message.


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

Have you rebooted your machine lately? If so, you may need to check for updates. Otherwise you can install firefox (it's free) and see if that works.


Answer by  XYZ77 (128)

There can be many reasons why we get the above error. 1)Internet explorer installation might be improper. 2)There is not enough ram virtual memory to process the HTML request. 3)Improper our partial installation of some 3rd party plug-ins can cause this problem 4)Virus or malicious software can slowdown the virtual memory by over loading.

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