Question by  MetAtLiveEvent (21)

What does the following error message mean: windows xp video mode not supported ?

I keep getting this error message.


Answer by  Hasan72 (572)

This error message indicates that Windows XP don't have the driver of the installed video card. Updating the driver may solve this problem. Again this message may appear if the resolution of the monitor is not matching with the video settings of Windows XP. Changing video settings in Safe Mode may solve this problem.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

You need to download the most current driver for your video card. This is an indication that whatever you are trying to use is not supported by your graphics card. It could simply be too advanced for your machine. Goto Device Manager, locate your graphics card, right click and and pull up properties, update driver.


Answer by  vijayparttimejob (2254)

hi, i have seen that same error myself, you need windows media dual boots with x64 bit drivers -anything that needs a driver in the 32 bit installation just fine, will need a 64 bit driver in it's installation. you should go to the ATI site. do it , it should help you.


Answer by  nagalakshmi (5)

THIS is probably a message from your monitor, Some monitors may display that message when the monitor is on butor when the computer isn't producing any video.


Answer by  rehantayyar (43)

This error usually appears when the video settings in windows are not supported by the monitor. For example, if monitor does not support large resolutions and you set a large resolution in windows, you get this message.


Answer by  muck (15)

This error occurs when the display resolution if the PC has been changed, by software or by user's will. To revert it, thus to have back XP functionality, the PC has to be restarted and led to SafeMode by pressing F8 key during the restart. Afterwards, be sure to set the display resolution to a previously known working one.


Answer by  DreamScaper (354)

The resolution for your monitor isn't supported. Try going to desktop properties, monitors, and change it to a supported setting. Otherwise reboot into safe mode (f8)


Answer by  mrfixit (28)

The current video settings are not supported by the monitor. This could be that the color bit-rate is unsupported, the pixel resolution is too high or low, or the connection from the computer to the monitor is not correct.


Answer by  Lisa50 (493)

When you are trying to view videos of any sort, some videos have to be supported by a certain mode. If it keeps saying that it doesn't support your mode, you may have to upgrade to a higher Windows.

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