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Question by  Kenny (18)

What can you tell me about the proper way to go about cedar tree propagation?

I would like to transplant my cedar tree, cut it down and grow more. How do I do this?


Answer by  addicted (186)

You can either start with small seedlings or from cuttings. Simply plant these and wait for them to start rooting. Once that is done you are on your way and just general care will do - the right amount of watering, sunlight and some nutrition.

Reply by light (200):
Hi - just a clarification. Only arborvitae type cedars grow well from cuttings (eg. pyramidalis, excelsa and smaragd)  add a comment

Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

Cedar trees grow wild just about everywhere. Usually people consider them a nuisance plant and try to burn them down if they are on farm or pasture land. If you still want to grow one, I would find a baby tree and transplant it to your desired location. I hope this helps


Answer by  enlightened (206)

Seeds are the way to go. They have a great success rate. Get the brown cones that are just opening or soak them in water 12 hours to get them to open. Take the viable seeds, break the wings, put them in a bag with moist sand. They'll germinate.

Reply by tweety (266):
I know people put the seeds mixed with the soil in plastic bags into the refrigerator to help them on the way - pretty interesting!  add a comment

Answer by  wonderman (201)

If you're gonna be using cuttings to propagate cedars I'd suggest you start in late summer when they have semi-mature wood. I'd also suggest you use IBA - a strong rooting hormone.

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