Question by  sravipositivegmailcom (13)

How do you propagate Crepe Myrtles?

I have quite a few Crepe Myrtles in my yard, and would like to border the property with them. What is the proper way to propagate them?


Answer by  Vidhya (42)

Collect seeds from pods that have been left to dry on the tree, take cuttings. Plant young starts and cuttings in fresh potting soil and keep them evenly moist.


Answer by  Kim78 (30)

Take a small new growth in May or June or in July to early Fall take collect the hardwood growth. The morning is the best time to get the cutting. Your cuttings should be about 5-7 inches long and no thicker than your little finger. Then quickly wrap the cuttings in paper towels and plant in the plant medium.


Answer by  christina22 (67)

It is easy to propagate Crepe Myrtle with hardwood or softwood cuttings. It is important that the cut be made at the main branch and is 6 to 8 inches long and have 3 to 4 nodes. Once you have the cutting, all leaves should be taken off except for a couple at the top.


Answer by  brandy (52)

Rooting cuttings is the easiest form of propagation. In late spring, take cuttings from other crepe myrtles. Cutting will root best if stems are green and flexible. Dip stems in rooting a hormone, then stick the cuttings in lightweight soil. Keep cuttings well watered, preferably in a warm sunny place.

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