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Question by  abrarrahman (22)

What is the proper way to propagate a maple tree?

There is a beautiful maple tree in my yard, and I'd love to have more. What is the correct way to propagate the tree?


Answer by  Jordan25 (24)

Take a cutting 10 inches long when it is beginning to harden. Place the end into a rooting hormone compound such as Rootone. This will cause the cutting to eventually produce roots. Now place it into seed soil/perlite mixture to provide drainage. Keep it moist but not damp and in a bright location.


Answer by  jeremyl123 (24)

Propagating a maple tree is quite a simple process in regards to planting trees in general. The first idea to keep in mind is that when propagating a maple tree, designating the right space for it is essential. Since many types of maple have intrusive root systems, it is important to plan out where a maple tree will sit.

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