Question by  Ssmallfry (26)

How do you properly propagation a wisteria?

I would like to start or propagate a new wisteria plant.


Answer by  case (1261)

I suggest that you give the wisteria plant something good and strong to grow on with plenty of room. This plant is very aggressive and invasive. I suggest to either buy a seeds or seedling from you local plant nursery.


Answer by  best (54)

Easy method is to train a runner untill long enough to lie on the ground for several feet. Dig a hole and bury the runner, except for the tip (left sticking out of the ground). Place a brick on top to keep it buried, allow the tip to stick out of the ground. Roots in one year.


Answer by  Cypress (166)

Propagating Wisteria from cuttings is preferable to propagating from seed because it may never bloom. Always take cuttings in summer, use a very sharp knife and clean tools.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

Always take the cutting from the Wisteria in the summer time. Use are sharp, clean knife. You could also take the cuttings of the new growth or the runners and use regular rooting medium to get them to root.


Answer by  pezhead420 (182)

There are several means to propagate a wisteria. You can take cuttings of new growth. You can also oroot the runners that come up from the ground near the base of the plant. They will root in a basic rooting medium. There are also techniques in layering that should work but I am not too familiar with those.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

Usually Wisteria plants are propagated through vine by cuttings, layerings, graftings and in some cases the Wisteria plants are also propagated by seeds. While doing so the stalk and scion should be selected from a healthy plant which devoid of any fungal or bacterial attack, as it may affect the growth of the normal plant.


Answer by  Almallela (108)

Well to propagate the wisteria plant you should cut off a few bits of its roots. Then you should plant the roots with fertilizers.


Answer by  jeestes82 (105)

The fastest and easiest way to propagate Wisteria is from softwood cuttings. These cuttings should be taken from the current seasons growth in late summer. Take a cutting with at least 2 nodes on it. Use rooting hormone and dip the bottom of the cutting. Place the cutting into a soil-less media (perlite, vermiculite, or sand) and keep moist.

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