Question by  dannystanks73 (14)

Is water inside a tree hole dangerous to the tree?


Answer by  ask123048 (128)

Yes, it is harmful for a tree to have water collect inside of it, and will rot and cause the tree to smell and be unpleasant. However, the tree will most likely heal itself, and it is important not to fill the tree with cement or any other substance as they contain chemicals much more harmful.


Answer by  Lisa49 (81)

The water will either be absorbed by the tree or the air, or will be displaced by wind or animals. The water may lead to rot in the tree, in which case it would damage the tree. However, this would only happen if the water was left standing for a long period of time.


Answer by  remixedx3 (26)

Water is, obviously, important for trees. Trees need water to grow taller, for sustenance. However, a substantial amount of water inside a tree could be potentially dangerous, for the tree. The tree could start to rot where the water is located, especially if the water has no way to get out whatsoever.


Answer by  TwiztedKayne (51)

Not only is water inside the tree hole not "Dangerous",it is actually helpful to small animals and bird's,they use this as a water source.The hole,should only be questioned if it is decaying. Holes in tree's are pretty common,"Woodpeckers" love to make holes,Bees frequent tree's with access through smaller hole's.

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