Question by  schizz69 (15)

What do you do about an allergy to cedar?

I just moved to a new location with a lot of cedar trees around.


Answer by  Ndlightningbug (132)

Any allergic reaction to an environmental element requires due diligence on your part. Contact an allergist and see if you can begin desensitization shots, which should help. In the meantime, you can begin an over the counter allergy medication such as Allegra or Zyrtec to help with the symptoms.


Answer by  phoenixkitty (11)

It would be best to limit your exposure to the outdoors. Also, frequently dust and vacuum your home. Keep windows and doors shut. You can speak with your doctor about having allergy medication ready, it is best to do this in early fall


Answer by  winnieslo (132)

Primary treatment of any allergy is to avoid exposure. Limit your early morning outdoor activities and keep your windows closed. Try wearing a filtering mask when outside. Over the counter antihistamines help most allergies. If your allergy is severe see an allergist for desensitizing shots.


Answer by  sherwin (31)

there are three main ways first is take a medication get a allergy pill like claritin or zyrtec or you can take a strong onne (benadryl) second choose holistic methods find a local acupuncturist to treat your symptoms with specific techniques last is change lifestyle like avoid the outdoor as much as possible

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