Question by  JeremiahJohnson (88)

What can you tell me about a chihuahua terrier mix?

I was given a chihuahua terrier mix.


Answer by  Clairlyssia (233)

They tend to be social animals and get used to many people being around them. They can be indoor or outdoor pets. They shed very little if at all. They tend to be loyal and eager to please


Answer by  Toad21 (13)

This chihuahua terrier mix, will need to be paid attention to alot while it is a pup, and will have so much energy. You should play with it and walk it very often to tire it out at night time.


Answer by  ambi901 (473)

they are both very smart dogs. so training will be a breeze. but with both breeds your on there terms. terriers need to be crated when away from the home. they love to chew. chihuahua's are hard to house break.


Answer by  Anonymous

I just adopted a chihuahua terrier mix 2 years ago and i have to admit that they are the cutest, smartest, entertaining dog that you will ever encounter. With the epicness of a terrier and the awesomeness of a chi what more could you ask for in such a breed?


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

I can tell you about their temperament. Chihuahua's are known to bark like crazy and to nip. Terriers are known to bite as well and bark. If you get a mix you risk getting a dog with bad temperament and that is very vocal. If the terrier is a Yorkshire terrier then that makes things worse.

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