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Question by  jen37 (1135)

I a Chihuahua-Boston Terrier mix a good one?

My friend's registered Boston Terrier is pregnant with the neighbor's AKC Chihuahua.


Answer by  chibiepyon (7)

Yes, mixed breed animals are less likely to produce puppies with heritable abnormalities associated with a certain breed. For example, Boston Terriers can have breathing problems, but these puppies may have a chance to breathe normally since one parent is a Boston Terrier and one parent is a Chihuahua.


Answer by  patti (29325)

If you like those breeds, it's a good mix. Generally, the best of both breeds will come to the front and flaws usually recede.


Answer by  DogLover50 (4)

The size of the puppies will be predictable, and the parents are known, for temperament predictability. Are there hereditary conditions that are common to both breeds, and do those conditions appear in either dog? Have they been tested for those diseases? What is the temperament of each dog? These answers are as important as the mix.


Answer by  Goofy98 (49)

Not to bad, maybe the start of a fresh new race! I'm curious to see the head of this little one!

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