Question by  Sarah75 (18)

What is the best kind of food for a Chihuahua-Terrier mix?


Answer by  Nancy (578)

There isn't any specific food made for any breed. You should feed it a high quality brand of food made specifically for dogs, and preferably a dry food with limited to no table scraps. Any alterations in feeding can upset the animal, so keep the diet pretty rigid.


Answer by  CrazE4Bostons (183)

Assuming that your dog doesn't have any special needs I would recommend Innova or Canidae puppy formulas. I've used both and have had nothing but healthy puppies.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Different breeds of dogs don't really need different kinds of food. Feed a high quality dog food. Check ingredients in the food, the first ingredient should be some kind of meat.


Answer by  Alynight (78)

I would consider the Nutro. I recommend this because it's a lot easier for them. The dry dog foods are actually better for the dogs. It helps keep the teeth clean, and exercises the jaws and teeth. The Nutro brand will give your dog the nutrients she/he may need and it's very well recommended. Your dog's diet is something to think about.

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