Question by  CSguy (15)

What can I do to repel rabbits?

They are eating my whole yard.


Answer by  dinabina (5)

You can try stomping on the ground or dropping a heavy object whenever you see them because they thump to signal to other rabbits that danger approaches.


Answer by  rka285 (45)

Many people think that rabbit is a good pet but form some gardener,it is not.Building some simple chicken wire fence is perfectly sufficient for keeping rabbits out.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

There are several ways to repel rabbits, one is having a dog out in the yard, another is using pie tins or anything that makes a noise, but the most effective would be a rabbit repellent that can be sprayed on the yard and will not harm people or other animals.


Answer by  Wayne91 (24)

I have a idea that it is not a chemical method. You can raise a number of cats or dogs. Then let these pets to help you to solve the problem.

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