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Question by  Sophia83 (20)

Can you handle baby rabbits?

My pet rabbit recently had babies and I would really like to play with them but my mom said if you do the rabbit mom will kill them.


Answer by  spankys28 (38)

It's ok to handle the babies as soon as they are born, but only for short periods of time at first. Handling helps to socialize the babies, and the mom gets use to you moving her babies around and helps build up a trust between you and her. Handling the babies is important to their health and develpment.


Answer by  Ann66 (161)

Until your baby rabbits have their eyes open it is generally not a good idea to handle them. Often, a mother rabbit will reject or kill very young rabbits that have been handled by humans. They open their eyes within a couple weeks and are then ready to play and be handled.


Answer by  stlcomputer (8)

Yes you can hold them. But only for a short time they will get sick if you hold them to long. Birds are the only animal that will kill it's babies if you touch them. Most others like dogs,cats,etc. can get distemper if you hold them to much.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Rabbits are rather cruel little creatures when their babies are young. Do not touch the babies. Your mother is right. The mother rabbit will kill and eat her babies if you touch them. This is because she will smell your scent on her babies and then she will think that the baby isn't hers.


Answer by  animalluvr412 (0)

dont hold them long or they will get sick and my rabbit just had babies 2 days ago and i dont hold them for long and if the mom doesnt feed them or anything buy some k=cat milk and feed them like 3 or 4 times a day

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