Question by  Lisalo (26)

What do I need to consider before I buy rabbits?

I just want them for pets.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

First you need to consider how many you planning to purchase. Then you need to consider the size and type of cage you are going to need. You also need to research feed and make sure you use the correct type for the species of rabbits you plan to buy.


Answer by  Bayarts (470)

Consider buying a rabbit from a rescue shelter such as, "Save a Bunny" in California. Other considerations to make are whether a rabbit would be compatible with any other pets you might have and whether or not you will have a sufficient amount of time to spend with one.


Answer by  TXrosebud (26)

Rabbits, like any other pet can be costly and time consuming. You need to consider a living are, bedding, food, exercise and veterinary care for your new friend.


Answer by  starrgazerlily (119)

They require food, water shelter and hay, and love. They are very social. You do have to regulate the tempature in their cage. They can handle the cold, but cannot regulate their temp above 85 degrees. Frozen bottle of water will keep the hutch cool in the hot summer months.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

Before buying any pet, think that can you manage the responsibility of managing this pet? If you could then great. For a rabbit, i believe you should have a good ground where they could dig a burrow. Grass should be present, this would help you as they would feed themselves then.


Answer by  footydeano (-10)

The most important thing is the color of the paws, if they aren't the color you like you will end up resenting the rabbit, not talking to it and it may become cachexic and die of depression

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