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Question by  Isl (25)

What can I do about a home that is infested with ticks?

My home is infested with ticks.


Answer by  Jonie (117)

I would hire a professional to rid your home because it'd be really hard to find them all and spraying an insecticide everywhere is going to be hazardous to your health. I have heard sprinkling diaomataceous earth as a natural method can work. It cuts through them when they walk through it so they dry out and die.


Answer by  Martha9999 (84)

Are you sure they are ticks? Bed bugs look a little like ticks. Depending on the size of your home or apartment you'll need one or more bug bombs.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

They hide in cracks. Use a spray containing Permethrin, which is odorless and can be used on carpets. Let is dry. Then dust cracks and crevices with Drione Dust.


Answer by  shwetha (17)

Call a pest control agency and inform them about the infestation. You can also spray tick repellants to your home.

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