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Question by  Latin4 (11170)

What is a good home remedy to prevent fleas and ticks?

I need home remedies for fleas and ticks.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Moth balls help to prevent a lot of insects and pests away. Baking soda is another excellent choice to help with fleas especially in carpet. Another option is to use a vacume cleaner. You can actually pick up a lot of insects with your vacuum.


Answer by  Calie (6)

It is said that if you feed the animal a clove of garlic a day it will make them have a odor that the fleas and ticks do not like. I chop it up into tiny pieces and mix it with peanut butter. It is also said you can spray the animal with vinagar.


Answer by  Lore (174)

One good remedy is food grade diatomaceous earth. It can be rubbed into a dog's coat, sprinkled on their bedding, around the foundation of the house, on the lawn, or wherever you have a problem. But it must be food grade and not the stuff for pool filters.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Putting a clove of garlic into your pet's food helps as it diet does change the taste of blood. Regular vacuuming will also help prevent them.


Answer by  DavidSharif (194)

Frequent bathing is very effective. If your pet already has fleas, just a bath won't be enough. Cover the face of your pet in an oil (like olive or coconut). Fleas can't live in it, so they will die or move. Then wash the rest of their body. This should catch all the fleas - then just comb them out.


Answer by  Tabatha (440)

Dawn dish detergent is really effective for controlling ticks and fleas on pets. Wash the pets thoroughly with Dawn, let it sit for five minutes then rinse. It kills and repels.

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