Question by  ABracken1303 (5)

My home is infested with ticks, how do I get rid of them?


Answer by  SarahJane (114)

I had this problem with fleas and ticks, and my vet suggested that I treat my cats with Frontline and the fleas and ticks are attracted to the animal and the Frontline kills the fleas and ticks when they jump on the animal. This creates a parasite vacuum of sorts. Also vacuum the house often, while doing this.


Answer by  BrittanySwain (20)

You can buy a insect bomb at any home improvement or department store. Move any food out of the rooms and set off the bombs at simoultaneously. You may not be able to stay in the house for a 24 hour period depending on the type of bomb. This will kill ticks and any other insects.


Answer by  cooldude (62)

There are many ways to stop this infestation. One very good way would be to get a dog and a cat. Then after a coulpe of days get a flea and tick collar. This will kill a good number of ticks on your pet. You could also lay the collars around your house.


Answer by  CrystalEg (500)

Use a high powered at home pesticide you can purchase from local hardware and home supply stores. Otherwise hire a professional or complain to your landlord if you have one. Ticks are not something you should mess with as they carry disease. Also if you have any pets that have hair make sure to clean them with tick shampoo.


Answer by  ceilia09 (29)

An old cat got in the house, a couple of days later I started to feel a biting sensation on my legs and discovered that I had an infestation of flees. I sprinkled moth flakes on my carpet and vacuumed and they were gone, I think this would be useful for a tick infestation as well.

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