Question by  ottoe (36)

What are ways to improve your French?

I would like to improve my French before traveling over their this summer.


Answer by  mka (17)

You could take a French language course at a local university. Or try watching French movies and TV shows with or without subtitles to improve vocabulary and comprehension. You may be able to tutor someone in English in exchange for them helping you with French, look for immigrant aid nonprofits in your area that may offer this kind of program.


Answer by  lala83 (89)

I would also suggest searching for conversation groups in your area. Also, you can listen to music with French lyrics, watch French films and read French newspapers.


Answer by  DamacuCamelii (87)

Take some lessons. Study from a phrasebook. Listen to French radio, tune in to French TV-stations, watch French movies, listen to French songs and look up the lyrics.

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