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Question by  CODY123 (19)

Is it against the law to spank your kids in Michigan?

What is Michigan's definition of child abuse?


Answer by  Bully1 (9)

In most states, the law is pretty lenient towards parents. You should be allowed to hit your child if he/she is acting up, whether it be in public or in your own home. the only problem is, their should be no marks left, that is what the police would look for, and they wouldn't care if the child is markless.


Answer by  jreidmds (221)

Spanking has been deemed an unlawful act in the state of Michigan. Taking heed of several behavioral studies the state legislatuer and govenor realized that such a form of ' punishment ' did not in any way improve behavior of children and in fact led to a sense of resentment in youths that caused them to turn to gangs.


Answer by  GCgurl1188 (83)

In Michigan, it is against the law to discipline your child in a way that leaves physical marks on them. Light spanking is legal, but if you are leaving bruises on them you could be arrested for child abuse.


Answer by  acelanders67 (381)

It is not a crime to spank your child in Michigan. Some parents in the state are not afraid to do so in public in order to keep their children in check.


Answer by  GLM68 (62)

Spanking is not currently against the law in Michigan. Criminal code 750. 136b states that a parent/guardian or other person permitted by law may discipline child with use of reasonable force.

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