Question by  worker7347 (15)

What are the safest Manhattan neighborhoods?

I am moving to Manhattan next year.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

Based on the reviews from residents, it mentions that Manhattan is pretty safe as a whole. Of course, there are bad areas that are located throughout any area that you live. However, with the right precautions you can live anywhere without having any problems or people bothering you without a problem.


Answer by  santhosh2530 (19)

cheap and safe are not neighborhoods that are acquainted with one another. The closest you might come is Bay Ridge. You would have to take the ferry or an express bus, areas are safe and moderately priced.


Answer by  PaulaC13 (20)

There is no safe and unsafe part of Manhattan. Crime happens anywhere. I will say though,stay away from Harlem. 100th-165th street

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