Question by  BabyMamma (34)

Is it safe to color your hair while pregnant?

I can't believe that hair dyes would be so dangerous that they wouldn't be safe for a pregnant woman.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think it is safe, the only way it would harm the baby is if it was absorbed into your blood stream, or eaten. If it got into your bloodstream every time you would get very sick when you died your hair! just dont eat it!


Answer by  Anonymous

Highlighting is safe because it is not absorbed into the scalp, it is just "painted on". I would not do an all over dye job until you talk to your Doctor and are out of the first trimester.


Answer by  superchelseald (15)

It is recommended that pregnant women wait to color their hair until after delivery. It is unknown how the body will absorb and process the chemicals on the scalp.


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

My hair dresser told me that hair dye won't harm the baby. Her doctor even told her that it is safe for her to continue working with hair dye while she is pregnant so if it's ok for her to work with it every day surely it's ok to have your hair done once every 6 weeks.


Answer by  tiffany (34)

Technically the doctor's tell you that you're not suppose to use hair dye while you are pregnant, because it can be absorbed through your scalp. If you haven't used it yet, don't. However, if you have accidentally used it already, I wouldn't worry about it, chances are you're baby will be fine.


Answer by  Sammer (72)

It is generally accepted that dyeing hair is not good for pregnant women. The fumes and chemicals can cause birth defects in the fetus.

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