Question by  alawight (1)

How can I get over a guy and still be friends with him?

I've like him for 2 years, but found out he likes my best friend and she like him. I would ignore him completely, but we work together as teachers in China (he is my best friend in this country) and we are neighbors so I have to see him everyday.


Answer by  11worker (86)

I'm not sure if this was a crush or relationship, since you said you liked him for 2 years. I'm assuming it's a crush. He may just consider you a friend or you may have never given him any sign that you were interested in being more than friends. Sometimes friends end up becoming more when the time is right.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You have two choices. If you choose to interact with him on a regular basis then you will have to live with your feelings. If you want to get over him you are going to have to basically ignore him.

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