Question by  MarshaKeeffer (74)

What are some reasons my RCA television keeps blowing fuses in it?

I am tired of replacing fuses, what could be wrong?


Answer by  TOEKNEEJEE (310)

you probably need a better source of energy; try plugging in a surge protector, that way less energy will be delivered to your tv and it will not flow the fuses.


Answer by  MikeG (1650)

The power supply within the set is probably bad. You can try replacing this and it should remedy your problem.


Answer by  thakur (9)

Reasons: 1. The circuit may get shorted with the increase in temperature. 2. You are giving more current or voltage than it should be. 3. Your fuse may be of lower quality as needed or defective or unsuitable fuse holder.


Answer by  DeeBo (29)

Could be several reasons including but not limited to bad power supply in the TV, the surge protector not doing it's job or bad ventilation where the tv is located causing it to overheat and blow the fuse. AS far as the power supply, could be a shorted regulator.


Answer by  ganesh87 (8)

Because when the tv work in high voltage the fuse will blow. but due to the low voltage also the tv fuse will blow. hence the better solution for this problem is to keep the stabilizer.

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