Question by  Siryippity (19)

Can you help me troubleshoot an RCA television that will not power on?

I have checked to make sure it is plugged in and that the outlet works, what else could be wrong with my television?


Answer by  worker8361 (21)

It is possible that the power supply in your TV is no longer functioning. If it's an older set you DO NOT want to try to fix it because even a non-working power supply can hold a very dangerous charge. It should to be fixed by a professional.


Answer by  Nazia (33)

First look either the TV lamp or the TV's various special features to correct the issue. If the red light steadily blinks then replacement of lamp is required.


Answer by  Jason72 (26)

If you have AC coming out of the wall outlet, but the TV won't power up, then most likely the power supply in the TV set is bad.


Answer by  jeyakumar (23)

make sure that the power cord is not damaged please remember that you stand by the tv via remote control.110 volt dc power checked in smps& the startup circuit .


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Most RCA models have a code that needs entered to get it to work. Check your owner's manual for the code for your particular model.

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