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Question by  bbbrooke (30)

How do you replace a Sony TV fuse?

The fuse in my television has gone out, could you help me by providing directions on how to replace it.


Answer by  rnovikoffgmailcom (1722)

Your going to have to open up the back of the TV, this might void any kind of warranty that it could have. Find the fuse, get model #, to go the store and get a new one, insert, the end.


Answer by  TOEKNEEJEE (310)

Go to the professionals. Once you open up your sony tv to replace a fuse the manufacture warranty will be used up.


Answer by  vishnu2830 (20)

1. remove panel of TV 2. you'll find small metal circular shaped thing. 3. unplug fuse. Just plug the new fuse to wiring harness. 4. work is finished


Answer by  Mslater (197)

You have to remove the back panel of the tv, find the fuse that is blown, unplug that one, plug in a new one.


Answer by  jprc (2)

how about a blown fuse?


Answer by  jprc (2)

a fuse was blown: then how to replace it when it seems a blown fuse means a problem in the circuit?

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