Question by  MMarie (90)

What are some good weight training exercises for my legs?

I play baseball and want to get in shape.


Answer by  ilyriamoon (31)

Squats are the best exercise for overall leg and glute conditioning and strength. They also develop core balance and strengthen the lower back - advisable in sports activities. Standing with feet hip-width apart, bend at the knee and lower hips to the floor, going no lower than 90 degrees.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

The best leg exercises are free weight squats and deadlifts. Deadlifts have the added bonus of also targeting your upper back and core muscles, which are also important in baseball. These two exercises will make you faster, stronger, and help you last longer in the field. Additional leg exercises aren't really needed if you hit these two hard enough.


Answer by  DactyL (326)

Squats are some of the best. First start out without holding any weights, if you need to. Keep your back straight while you squat down.


Answer by  Lmukeeper (262)

The most valuable workouts for legs muscles include the squat, lunges, calf raises. By working these consistenly you will have very strong legs

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